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About Us 
a. Our Mission 
Living is being carefree, determining success as well as achieving happiness and fulfillment.
Using fast and effective methods, can help you achieve your desired success throughout all aspects of life. 
There are abundant resources that offer each and everyone of us the required knowledge to achieve our own happiness and success. 

b. Our Identity 
The team at PEMI helps every individual grow, emotionally, intellectually and financially by sharing and disseminating knowledge to those who wish to make positive changes to their lives. 
We are a professional corporation; we aim to exceed industry standards and determine customer satisfaction through constructive feedback. 
We hold high standards of integrity and live by what we teach and share. 

c. Company Philosophy 
We believe in a "three-win"concept that benefits everyone.   (I, You, We)
We aim to add value to all our customers, partners, industry and the community. 
We respect everyone's boundaries. 
We believe in the sharing and respecting knowledge. 

d. The PEMI Difference 
The team at PEMI:
Helps individuals establish and sustain an enriching and happy life. 
Share simple and effective learning methods that can be applied in one's every day life. 
Walk the talk and are results-driven.